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Geographic Location

The C-T-Z is situated in Zaragoza at about 300 Km from the economic and demographic centers of Spain.

The C-T-Z offers all the large and necessary services, both for facilities, logistic operators as well as resting in transport driving areas and by “the Cooperatives”.



The C.T.Z is located at 6 Kms from Zaragoza closed to rhe A23 Mudejar Autovia and the A-Z North East, both surrounded and connected to them with the exsterior bypass of the 2-40 Zaragoza and so alowing a great fluid trafic fastly reaching the main North East communication roads of the Peninsula and the rest of industrial and manufacturing of Zaragoza areas.

The Mudéjar Autovía constitutes the North South exle which unites through the auto Via Somport Tunnel, Bordeaux to the Spanish East /Levante.

In relation to the conclusion given, one reaches the excelence location of the ZARAGOZA TRANSPORT CITY.


In 1969 The Town Hall agreed to declare the necessity of creation of the Transport City due to the problems derived from heavy truck traffic in lack of parking for goods transport vehicles therefore it was considered of interest for the C.T.Z. and of municipal utility. The Town Hall approached Entreprenuerial Organizations at that moment and so all transporters were convocated and the Cooperative of Zaragoza Transport City was constituted as interested voluntaries.

Once the Cooperative being accepted to the benefits of the Industrial Development Polo, the expropiation for a 205.000 m2 is also obtained. After the Poligono being urbanized, the cooperatives are awarded to the plots and assigned to the factory units for transport, storage and supply activities by a total of 2015.000 m2. The first enterprises to be set up in C.T.Z were the plots promoted by the “Cooperativa Territorial de Transporte” in 1989.

About 200 enterprises have been set up until now.

Internal organization

The City Transport is run by regulations of a Propietary Community. At the same time, all co-propietaries belong to the Cooperativa Ciudad del Transporte. The office is situated in the C.T.Z, Commercial Civic Center, Port 1º, Floor 1º, office 25, Phone: 976587472.

Centro Cívico CTZ

Future Prospects

The privileged C.T.Z situation at 10 muntes from Zaragoza Center, closed to Somport-Sagunto Autovia and The Z-40 offer unbeatable perspectives.

That is a referenced logistic point of all Aragon and the whole Ebro Valley with an activity more and more important in time.

intermodalidad CTZ

Surfaces and Usages.

The total C.T.Z. surface is 605.000 m2, qualified for logistic usages and a partial plan approved by the Zaragoza Town Hall where the surface planning is asigned and distributed as related below:

  • Transportation agents for goods parcels 214.000 m2
  • Commercial Civic Center (Offices and Hotel) 5.000 m2
  • Services Station 2.070 m2
  • Trucks parking and Drivers Center, 32.550 m2
  • Equipment area (given it up to the Zaragoza Town Hall)
  • Central gardening area 59.481
  • Roads and gardening areas 280.686 m2


Services offered by C-T-Z

The services offered by the CTZ derived, both from the “Cooperative” itself, but also those offered by the located companies in the CTZ which they are amongst.

  • Survaillance: vigilance and security at night
  • Parking for heavy loads vehiclues
  • Transport drivers centers – Bedrooms, Laundry, Showers, Telephones and Sitting Rooms
  • Offices Buildings
  • Hotel
  • Sevices Station
  • Garages
  • Laundries
  • Restaurants – Bars
  • Matters Agencies
  • Professional Associations
  • Logistic warehouses and goods distribution
  • Workshpos in General
  • Bodyworks Repairs
  • Auto Electricities
  • Radiator Repairs
  • Truck Tarpaulin Repairs
  • Chasis Repairs
  • Motor Hool
  • Laundries and lubricant distributers
  • Other auxiliary and complementary sevices related to transport activities.

Description of the different usages

Factory Units: 204.688 m2 of 85% constructed for:

  • Transportation agents for parcels merchandise,
  • Transport companies for goods and travelling,
  • Logistic Warehousing and Goods distribution,
  • Mechanic Workshops,
  • Bodywork repairers,
  • Automovile Electrics,
  • Radiators Repairs,
  • Tarpaulin Truck Repairs,
  • Chasis Repairs,
  • Overcat Assembly,
  • Laundries and Lubricant Distributers,
  • Other auxiliary services and Complementary Transport Activities.

COMMERCIAL CIVIC CENTER.- 7.663 m2 useful for 136 offices and Premises

HOTEL.- IV Stars maximum 200 rooms capacity.

SERVICE STATION.- A 2.070 m2 surface and a volume of 3.312 m3

TRANSPORT DRIVER CENTER.- Destined to offering and improvement Life quality for transporters. They handle the following services: Information, WC and showers, rooms and living-rooms.

PARKING AREA.- Situated in the plots “P” and “Q” covering 32.000 m2 with a capacity for 350 heavy trucks.

PRINCIPAL GARDENING AREA.- It is located in the centeros the CTZ having a park extended to 59.481 m2.

ROAD AREAS.- There are 16 streets, 40 m2 wide signed with posters. On the top of the 14 greens there exist some gardens.

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